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Will insurance cover my motorcycle if tipped over in parking lot.

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So I parked my motorcycle in the parking lot and I think the kick stand didn't lock in place completely and fell over? It did seem like it fell hard though because the handlebars where completely twisted. But oddly enough it didnt do much fairing damage but it broke the mirror, metal brake lever, and scuffed up the metal on the handle bars. I replaced all of the visible damage which was not a big deal, but I noticed ever since the drop I have been having a lot of electrical issues (practically a new bike).

I have to turn the key multiple times to get the LCD screen to turn on so I can start the bike. Now I have lost all power and cant start it.

I put it into my friends shop becuase he has had experience with bikes and is a state motorcycle inspection site. I had them replace fuses, circuits, and relays. Anything they suggested to fix the problem i had them do. Nothing has worked! They are puzzled just as i am because they have fixed nurmerious issues similar to mine but cant find the issue with my bike.

They said they are going to have really go through the entire electrical system and see if they can find the issues. At this point they havent charged me labor but they said a job like this they are going to have to becuase working on electrical systems can be time consuming and complicated on newer bikes.

I already spent a decent amount of money and the shop cant even promise they will be able to find the issue even after I spend money all this money on labor taking apart the bike/electrical system.

Will my insurance cover this sorta thing? I do have full coll/comp (w/500 dectuctable) & I think I owe the bank another 500. I just want to be done with this bike, im beyond frustrated. Spent to much time and money on this bike. At this point I just want to break even AND part ways with this bike. What do i tell my insurance? It dropped in the parking lot and not sure how it happened? Should I have filed a police report at the time it happend, even though im not entirely sure if it was my fault? I didnt seem like anyone hit it?

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