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So I bought a £600 sh*tter and I am converting it to a dedicated track bike for my son (and maybe me as a wet bike). On detailed inspection it is a confirmed shitter.

The rear shock is dead, linkages are worn / seized/ covered in 8 years of road shite. The rear discs is worn beyond useful life, the body work is ok other than crash damage, wheels are straight and true with good condition bearings.

So far the shock is being binned and replaced with a GSXR750 L1 item and adjustable dog bones. The chain and sprockets have now moved to the metal skip, along with the end can and footrests (riders and passengers). The bodywork has been stripped and will go on evil bay in a couple of weeks. I would do the ebay sales earlier but a trip to Catalunya circuit next week is taking up my time

The forks will get a rebuild with racetech emulators and new springs, and I am currently looking at clip on and rearset options (cheap chinese stuff will do - it will be crashed a lot.).

A cheap can (£26) and link pipe (£14) have arrived from china and look ok and sound ok.

So over the next few months I will be continuing the thread sporadically as and when I can be bothered / I'm bored in the office.




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