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I'm fixing up a friends 08 NINJA 250. She told me her bike was stuck in first gear and just to replace the clutch and it should be "fine". I knew deep down it was something on the trans side but she insisted it was the clutch lol. Long story short replaced the clutch its still stuck. I tried rocking the bike back and fourth still nothing. The shifter won't move freely at all. Its stiff as a rock. I've been building dirt bikes for years not really a street bike guy. So I want to try everything else I can do before opening the trans side. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.

I just looked in my clymer and if you replaced the clutch plates the shift mechanism that turns the shift drum was in plain sight behind the clutch basket! Can't believe you didn't notice that. 76yo wrench w 65+ years of biking.
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