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Stall while riding

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I just went out for a ride, was about 25 miles in and at this light the bike was ideling above 2000 which is high it's usually right below, it was raining I was about to go up this hill and the bike stalled in 3rd, the oil light came on, it wouldn't start up right away, I checked my gas, so when I was trying to start it I heard a air noise coming from the front, eventually started and I made it home, just wondering cause it was so cold and raining I know the ninja are generally cold blooded but it was lame, it's a 2012 any input would be appreciated

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It could be a fuel system problem or ignition system. Try to troubleshoot starting from the easiest part to replace and access like the filter, spark plug etc.
Any update with the situation of the bike of the thread starter? Another cause would be a faulty charging unit.
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