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Ninja 250r front tripple tree stand

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Just an FYI, the standard tripple tree stand will not work on your 250r, in my case Pitbull brand. First, the lower tripple tree clam's hole is too small, smaller than your standard bike. I was able to make a temporary adapter to fit hole, but ran into the 2nd problem. Second, the standard tripple tree front stand is too long to pivot the bike up. I needed to adjust the forks so I ended up using a standard car jack, just to hold the bike lightly up in addition to a rear stand so I can lower the front forks about 5mm. BTW, there are 6 hex bolts just to hold the front fender. WTF??? :doh


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Oh, if I haven't posted I ordered a service repair manual from Kawasaki for like $60.
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