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well, they're very different bikes, I thoroughly enjoyed the klx, but i found myself wanting for a little more power, even as a beginner.

It was the perfect bike to learn on, but I was really pushing the bike when I tried to go above 75-80 mph. The seating was ok, more comfortable then a standard dirt bike, and it was very very light.

It's a damn good looking dual sport 250 cc compared to the honda or suzuki competitors. It did have a major problem with starting in temperatures below 50 F. and i found on another forum that other klx users were having the same problem. it wasn't a big issue with kawasaki because they didn't get enough complaints to justify a product line factory fix. I had to push start the bike more often then I could start it normally (from cold).

that was the only real issue i had with it.

the other thing i wish was better was the fuel tank. it's a small tank ~2.0 gallons and there was no fuel gauge, thank god for reserve...

it's a 250 but it's only 1 cylinder so you don't get the same 'umph' as you do with a 2 cylinder. I took it on some gravel access roads and it was fun, but i didn't get too messy.

The new riding posture took a little getting used to with the Ninja 250, and I wish the shifting pedal was a little adjustable, and that the handle bars were a little bit wider, but ...

I can definately feel the g-forces when I hit 5k-8k rpms which i love. I bought the bike used with 3k miles and a nice 2brothers exhaust. my genitals aren't the happiest when I hit a bump, but that's consistent with all sport bikes...lol I do with there was a fuel shut off knob, i like to use it as a security measure, turn the fuel lines off when i park it.

that's all i can think of right now, but I like the ninja a lot.
The KLX motor is very restrictive from the factory. It takes some modding to wake it up. The cold start issue is rectified by drilling out the pilot jet to .018". To turn it into a truly good thumper it takes the 351BB kit. Power wheelies in 2nd gear :) Acerbis just came out with a 3 gallon tank for it which is really nice and doesn't add too much width. Anyways back to the ninja - You can get rearsets that are adjustable and set them to what feels comfortable to you. You can also get clip-ons. Although not as wide as the KLX they are adjustable unlike the stock bars. It will also drop your riding position down a bit unless you get risers. Gives it a more aggressive feel.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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