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Hi everyone!!!

My name is Matt and I just joined this forum since I bought a 2008 Ninja 250r that I will be my track/race bike.

I am coming from riding a 2006 Daytona 675 that has seen hell and back (survived many crashes, a lot of track miles.)

I guess my story is opposite of your typical rider progression. My first bike was a 2006 Daytona 675 that I crashed many times on the street and track. I eventually made the 675 my track only bike and have been doing trackdays since 2008. This is my first year racing with CVMA and after the first round of racing I was hooked. This was supposed to be my "experimental" year with my D675 to see if: 1...if I will love racing or not; 2...if I can afford to race a 600. Well, the first answer to the first question is YES...I LOVE racing. The answer to the 2nd question is/was MAYBE...

MAYBE...because I was doing fine financially racing a 600. However on the second round of racing, I had a really bad racing incident that caused me to be life-flighted out and my bike practically costing more to fix than buying a Ninja 250. Prior to the fateful race that weekend, I gridded 6th out of 30 riders for Amateur Supersport Middleweight and PR'D during Practice 2 at 2:00.730

In the past I had always said that the only way I would change to another track bike is if my D675 had a grand demise. Well, suffice to say it did.

The day before the CVMA weekend I had the chance to ride someone's Ninja 250s and had a blast passing more powerful bikes both entering and exiting turns. I was averaging 2:17s at CVR going CCW and PR'd at 2:15. Not bad for riding a bike I was unfamiliar with.

Anyways, I am blabbing away and just wanted to introduce myself.
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