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Need some ideas

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So I rode my bike to work not knowing it was going to rain. My bike was left outside while it poured for 6hrs straight. anyway, the previous owner (I had the bike maybe a month) put on a cheap gas cap so water got in (so I believe). I get off work and its still raining, and my bike will not start. I try to crank it over many times and end up killing the battery. I push the bike home and I drain the gas tank, next I remove the carb and took it apart and cleaned it extremely well. cleaned the jets etc. I got new spark plugs and cleaned the air filter. went to start it but nothing. I have gone through everything I can think of and the bike will not fire. It cranks, cranks, cranks but nothing. it will sometimes sputter but never fully fires. If i turn the throttle all the way open then it start but the second i let go it dies. Any ideas?
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I have that same issue. I even brought the bike to the Kawasaki dealership for the beginning riding season. Dropped a grand. Carb rebuilt, tires and inspection. Bike was running very well. It hydrolocked on me. So I drained the oil and changed the filter, which was done prior. Changed the petcock. It ran well again for a 1k. I got in the habit of turning off the fuel when I park it and I forgot to turn it on one time and it must have thrown the carbs out of sync and now she turns but won't fire. Frustrating!! I'll let you know what I find when I figure it out.
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