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New to forum and wondering if someone out there can help me out on any of my projects. Pimping out my 09 ninja 250r and as usual I took on too much for me to handle by myself.:eek:hcrap Projects include changing turn signals, installing no cut frame sliders, and fender eliminator (I bought the kit from Targa). No instructions for the turn signals and the one sheet of instructions for the frame sliders and eliminator kit look like Japanese to me.

Ok so first things first...I haven't been able to ride my bike now cause I took off all the turn signals (i know smart right) and the flush mount aftermarket signals I bought have wires that someone told me I would have to splice..."huh." Also I can't figure out how to mount the signals over the hole where stock signals use to be. I'm feeling really female now would appreciate any advice. Thank You

I attached a pic of the turn signals below:photo


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