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MotoGP aftermarket exhuast.

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I never thought that i would put an aftermarket exhaust on my bike due to many reasons. One of which is that they are expensive and that i like what i already have done to my stock can.



You can make this at home with as little as $30 with the right tools and equipment.


So why do i have an aftermarket exhaust now?

Well i got it for FREE!

Thanks to the guys at HotBodies Racing in Poway,CA. They hooked it up.
I bought a race body from them a while back and they remembered me and they wanted to use my bike for the photoshoot. How nice :D




Here is te can compared to the Stock and the modded shortie can.


I only have ridden it for maybe 10 miles. But this thing is a BEAST! I will do a video when i get a chance. maybe on thursday. I will also try to compare all three cans that i have.


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at this time.... no.

but i do have an extra exhaust. So will see what i do with that. ;)
I'll trade you my short can for your left side fairings.

Edit: as long as they are not scratched or damaged :)
I tried their website and couldnt find anything. Where can I find that can at?
Nice!!! I had a similar experience with Yoshimura and my zx6r :D

Very pleased with my new Leo Vince slip on. Two different inserts for loud/less loud options, really easy to change out the insert if you feel like being loud one day and less loud the next.
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Yea.... Hotbodies Racing hasn't updated their site. the product is available. Its just not up. I have it already cuz my bike was used as the model for the pictures...


I'm gonna try to do some video clip of it tomorrow.
vid of the exhaust on the first post!
Sounds good...
Sounds like an F-18 during the flyby. You squid :D
Yep riding around the neighborhood without gear on. total squid!
Did you see any kinda performance gain at all??
Did you see any kinda performance gain at all??
From what i can recall there was no major difference.
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