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Metal shavings in my oil

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Has this happend to anyone my first oil change of my new (used) bike has copper looking flakes in it.The bike is a 08 with 2300 miles on it I did put a new K&N filter and let it drain for a long time befor installing new filter and oil Mobil 1.Could this be from the gears or maybe bairings?:eek:hcrap
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It happens. Unfortunately you don't know how the previous owner maintained the bike. How did the strainer look when you changed the oil? You've decided to go synthetic? I wouldn't worry about it too much. If it blows up it blows up :noteeth
Yep I knew that I was going with synthetic just didnt know witch brand the guys I can get the amsoil form didnt have the right type for the wet clutch so I whent to autozone and bought mobil1. I didnt take out the strainer didnt know that it had one at the time thought it was just the filter.I may do it again just to clean it and see how bad it looks.Do you think it could be from the gears?I hear ya man if it blows it blows but I would hate it if I have to rebuild a new bike
Could be the gears. The more flakes that come out the lighter the bike is. Lighter = Faster
Lol true (I think its in the gears to) so in about 5 or 6 more oil changes look out
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