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Hey Guys, I'm a fairly new rider and recently bought 09 Ninja 250. The bike has about 785 miles which most likely mean that it sat in a garage for awhile.

It rides fine at first but usually after 30 mins, especially in city driving, where I have to use first gear a lot it tends to lose throttle response. I kick it into first, the idle would drop to 1K (from 3K) and when I give it gas it just stays idle at 1K then eventually dies.

I restart the bike and it's fine for a bit then the issue comes back shortly after.
Sometimes, I shut the bike for about 10 mins or so then it works fine after wards and usually I can make home, not sure if something could be overheating.

I'm planning to take it to a local shop soon but wanted to know if you guys have insights on what the problem could be. Thanks!
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