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Latest Gear Purchase

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Didn't see a current thread about this on here, so I decided to start one. :D

What is the latest gear purchase?

Mine is a Shift one-piece leather race suit I got from a friend in Florida. It is in very good condition, as my friend isn't a rider, just into leather. :)

A pic:

The cat likes it. :)

I did discover that it makes my fat gut stand out so maybe now I will finally start working out. :redface2


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Cool suit don't worry I got a beer gut too and I'm half your age lol

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Last thing I bought was .... My helmet ??

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cycle gear? go to revzilla there amazing (highly recommended)

That's why there awesome ship for free & exchange for free it's great

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I just got some d3o armor

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1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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