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im not getting any fire/ spark

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i have a 2003 ninja 250 i bought off of a guy and he said he had it at the shop and they told him it needed coils but heres the kicker i put new coils and stator /pickup coil in it and a new cdi box what eles would i be able to do to try and get fire or can you help me try and figure out the prob?
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did you get new spark plugs, and are you sure they're the right ones?

I'd assume those answers are both yes, but what exactly happens when you try to start it? Noises?

it sounds normal when i turn it over and ive taken a spark plug wire off and put a skrewdriver in it and held it with my hand and it didnt shock me but yes the coils and plugs are for the bike and the guy gave me a stator to put on the bike but im not shure if that was bead
so it sounds normal when trying to start and the spark just isn't catching? Are you sure it's getting gas? It may not even be the spark at all. Maybe you have a bad fuel petcock

to check your coils do this: remove the spark plugs from the engine and plug them back on the plug wires, make sure your plugs are grounded to the engine. remove the wire that goes from the harness to the coil, the one that is supposed to initiate the spark. Take a jumper wire from the +12volt side of the battery and touch it momentarily to the spade connector that you removed the wire from on the coil. You should see a spark at the spark plug, if you don't see a spark make sure the coil is grounded properly. If it still doesn't work, check the resistance of the coil to the specification. If it doesn't meet the spec, your coil is bad. You do NOT need to have the key on or hit the starter to do this test. If your coils are sparking then you'll need to follow the wiring back to the CDI and key switch and make sure the CDI is getting power. Check the connectors, sometimes a wire can break right at the connector and go unnoticed.
...also check to make sure the ignition has not been tampered with. If a wire is loose there, you will have the same problem. Bike may have power but it may not fire. Wiring problems can be difficult but be patient and learn to use a voltage meter and you can figure it out.

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