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Hey gang....been away from here for a long time, well a lot of things were happening in my life.

My health has been somewhat better, but still having issues.

On the better side, I finally moved to the house I bought last summer in Idaho. :eek:hyaaa I have some land to ride my dirtbike on, and the state of Idaho has so much to explore on my Ninja..when the weather gets better. I arrived during the winter..got here very late in the evening and had no help to unload Ninja Boy...so the next morning, I had a "Ninja-Sickle" : :lol

Right after that pic was taken both Ninja Boy and Double Nuts were moved into the house for the winter (I don't have a suitable garage building yet). Ninja Boy is in the living room, where Turbo has found a new friend: :hearteyes

Yes the house has tacky 70's paneling throughout..and there was a grid ceiling until a few weeks ago when I tore it all down. :) The house is a major "fixer-upper" so I have a lot of work to do.

Anyway, any riders in Idaho (Southern part of the state) or neighboring states, let's ride when the weather gets better.


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