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Hey gang....been away from here for a long time, well a lot of things were happening in my life.

My health has been somewhat better, but still having issues.

On the better side, I finally moved to the house I bought last summer in Idaho. :eek:hyaaa I have some land to ride my dirtbike on, and the state of Idaho has so much to explore on my Ninja..when the weather gets better. I arrived during the winter..got here very late in the evening and had no help to unload Ninja Boy...so the next morning, I had a "Ninja-Sickle" : :lol

Right after that pic was taken both Ninja Boy and Double Nuts were moved into the house for the winter (I don't have a suitable garage building yet). Ninja Boy is in the living room, where Turbo has found a new friend: :hearteyes

Yes the house has tacky 70's paneling throughout..and there was a grid ceiling until a few weeks ago when I tore it all down. :) The house is a major "fixer-upper" so I have a lot of work to do.

Anyway, any riders in Idaho (Southern part of the state) or neighboring states, let's ride when the weather gets better.


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Need to invest in some good ramps, man. Harbour Freight has one that is basically a big square and it's foldable. I think it'd fit in the bed of your truck even with the bike in there.

I bought a set of two steel ramps from HF. Listed at $80, but got a 50% off coupon from ebay (weird huh?). Those ramps work well, but only if you have an inclined driveway or something similar. It's tough to balance the bike on the way up and down. I'd rather have the big square one and just ride the bike up into my truck. It'd give me more piece of mind bringing it down also. All of this is of course, if I do the loading and unloading myself.

My driveway's inclined. So I put the edge of the tailgate as close to the cement as possible and then walk the bike up or walk it down. I stand on one ramp and have the bike on the other.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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