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Pros: Nice fit and finish, light weight (relatively speaking), good value, simple "easy to use" tool-less visor mechanism, removable liner.

Cons: no chin curtain, only 3 adjustable air vents and 2 non-adjustable vents, hard to open visor.

This is my 5th HJC helmet, and every time they have improved the fit and finish a lot even on their mid-grade helmets. The CL SP fits the round head shape more than oval shape. The new tool-less visor mechanism allows you to replace your visor in less than 20 seconds. It's simple and very effective. The new visors, all that fit this model and other redesigned models, are now lockable, so it can't be accidently flipped up while riding. I've never had that problem before with my AC-11, but it's nice to know now that it will be even harder for it to happen. It's about as quiet as my old HJC AC-11, but a bit lighter. One thing I notice is that the aerodynamic improvement of the shape, so I don't have to fight the wind as much compare to my AC-11. For about $150, it's a very good helmet for the money (both DOT-218 and SNELL M2005 approved).

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