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Long time as a cager is ending. I'm newly single again and no MiL or wife or GF telling me motorcycles are dangerous. Unfortunately I had neglected Blue Flame (EX250F6F). Tank rusty and carbs gummy thanks to 10% booze gas. Took me a day to get it running on a pony tank and ripped up and down the street. Running like a top.

I need new turn signal bases, the rubber parts with ribs for flexibility. All they want top sell is complete units..what gives? If anyone has a source thanks in advance. Even with commercial discount, it still is over $200. In my spare time, I contract fab for a local bike shop. I even do a bit of tube bending and frame fab. That is two days a week, my real job is as a deep problem solver for the world's largest online retailer. Not even they have the parts I need..grrrr

I live in Central Texas so there is no reason not to ride through the winter. I won't do ice or thuderstorms. Freezing weather just means electric gloves feel great.
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