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1996 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7R - TRACK ONLY! - $1900 firm

The bike is not a salvage title and although it is registered (I even have the license plate), it's set up purely for track riding. It has NO lights, NO blinkers, NO street bodywork. It has full track plastics but I don't know what kind, the previous owner put them on, I just painted them.

The good:
-Full track plastics (currently yellow)
-Zero Gravity tinted windscreen
-Full Muzzy exhaust
-Stage 3 jet kit
-Minus 1 tooth front sprocket, plus 2 teeth rear sprocket
-Steel braided brake lines
-Suede seat with keyless release (cable zip tied to side of subframe)
-Pirelli Corsa 3 tires with 3 trackdays on them (C group for all 3)
-Rejetted on 4.26.08 by West Coast GP Cycles
-Spark plugs/Oil change on 4.26.08 by West Coast GP Cycles
-Dyno'd on 4.26.08 by West Coast GP Cycles: Max power= 108.84hp

The bad:
-Speedo doesn't work even though it's connected (don't need it on the track anyway)
-No front fender
-No intake tubes (but I was told they aren't really needed...?)
-Don't have any of the street equipment to make it street legal

The worst:
-The bike hesitates at anything between 3k & 7k RPM. Taking off from the hot pit requires a high rev, then the bike needs to be kept at 8k+ through turns, which on the track is what you do anyway. I've been told a couple different theories on what the problem could be... valve adjustment needed, vacuum problem, need the carbs cleaned. Someone suggested getting a specific Factory jet kit and it should fix the problem, well it didn't. My next best guess is it needs the carbs cleaned.

I won't be riding the track as much as I'd originally thought, so I can't justify keeping a seperate track bike, and spending the money to fix it isn't in my budget right now.

Cash only please, and I can deliver if needed within 30 miles of Gardena. I will not however take it to you for you to look at, for that you have to come to me.


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