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Recently picked up a 2012 Ninja 250R for the wife. The bike had 286 miles at the time and now about 310.

The bike is so much fun! :biggrin2

However, despite the low miles the bike was neglected. It was roughly stored (Spider Web, dust, etc.) and there is some fairing damage. The bike does not seem to have been dropped, just hit on the side fairing which isn't too bad.

Once I gave it a full maintenance (oil change + Coolant flush) and a deep wash, all the parts shined again - tires, brake pads, etc....all are still in brand new condition.

Hope to gain more knowledge about this bike as I want to keep this bike for long even after the wife is already over it.

I've made a video documenting my experience in performing a couple maintenance items for a bike that has been sitting as well as a initial ride impression afterwards.

Cleaning and Restoration Process

First Ride


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