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What is the annual Femmoto event?
Femmoto is an All Women's Demo Day on the track. Not only do you get to bond with other women riders you will not have to worry about the male testosterone levels out on the track.

Two different riding groups to chose from:
Novice-for the rider who has never been on the track or for someone that wants to improve their riding skills. Take advantage of having an instructor out on the track. There is limited passing in this group.

Intermediate-for the rider who knows their lines out on the track and has no fear of passing at a safe distance or being passed by another motorcyclist. Speeds will be controlled and monitored by the track coaches who will be out observing in this group.

What does Demo Track Day Mean? You do not bring your own motorcycle to ride. A demo day at the track is where motorcycle manufacturers who recognize the growing market of women riders bring motorcycles to the track for women to test ride. Manufacturers such as Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki, KYMCO and Triumph, who have attended Femmoto realize that men and women are different therefore a women's motorcycle will need to be set up diffidently then a mans. These manufactures want to hear what they can do on a continuous basis to improve the comfort of women riders not only on sportbikes but on any type of motorcycle. Femmoto is your chance to come out and support those who support you in your quest to find the motorcycle of your needs.

This event is a demo event and you do not bring your own motorcycle.

Keri is signed up for this event, Sun. :D :scooter
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