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Crash protectors

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Which crash protectors would you recommend for a 2012 :)

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yea to be honest im not 100% what im on about they are the things that clip on to the side to protect fairings

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Yup, you taking about frame sliders. My 250 came with some cheap ones when I bought it but they have done it's job pretty good. When I was new to riding I dropped my bike twice and I got no damage whatsoever. So I'mguessing you would be good with any kind of frame slider..

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I put the ShoGun sliders on mine. They are pricey ($200-250) BUT they have mount bars that go from the front to the rear engine mounts so all the stresses are kept away from the frame (and no, it won't hurt the engine cases if you drop the bike.)

They do require a slight modification of the countershaft cover though. (It isn't difficult if you have some mechanical skills, a hacksaw and a file and a vice to hold the cover. Taking my time it took just over an hour total. It actually took longer to get the fairings off and the countershaft cover cut than to put it all together.
I put a set of Yosh frame sliders on and they did not require any type of cutting and they mount very similar to the shogun's. I picked up mine from sportbiketrackgear.com

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