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Clutch problems after oil change

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I got an 05 ninja 250 with 9400 miles about a month ago, did a oil change a couple days ago vans now my clutch is shifting funny. Up shifting is a little clunky and some times down shifting it wants to stick. Any ideas?

Droid Bionic
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What weight oil did you use?
What brand?
Synthetic or Conventional?
Is it at the proper level?
Did you make any adjustments to the clutch?
You're using a cheap car oil. Try a 10w-40 motorcycle oil. Synthetic if you like. Should make a difference. You can find it at Advance Auto, Auto Zone, Pep Boys etc..
Is there any brand you would recommend? Thanx

Droid Bionic
Castrol or Mobil 1
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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