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Cafefighter build

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Im going for it, my pristene black and green plastics came off last night. Pics when i get home.


Tail Gone:

All Plastics Removed:

Handlebars Removed:

Links Installed:

Converted to GP Shift:

Installed Headlight and Turn Signals:

Got my bars and vapor gauge on, starting to look like something now:

Taillight, Turn Signals, Modified passenger peg bracket, License plate, trimmed fender well. Basically done except i need a rear tire and chain.

Note: no plastics were harmed in the creation of this project.
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Mods to come List:

X Clip ons and grips
X fork mounted headlight
/ undertail tuck
X raising links
_ bar end mirror
X speedometer w/odo
X indicator lights
X taillight
X convert to GP shift
_ rimstripes

i'm open to suggestions
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nice man keep us updated i will check in on it everytime i see your post
just ordered my custom raising links and vortex clip-ons. should be a good week :D :D :D

edit: and gel grips!
alright nice getting the project rolling be sure to update us with photos
Took off stock bars today in prep for getting my clips next week:
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man is it too cold to ride there ?
man is it too cold to ride there ?
hell yeah its too cold! thats why i'm doing the build now. theres still snow and ice on the roads here. i'll be able to take it around my neighborhood as the build progresses but i'm going to wait until it rains a few times to ride the main roads. road salt builds up and its quite slippery.
Raising links came in today, pics to come.
Sweet bet your excited :) I bet it will Look good when you are finished
i'm stoked for sure! just got home (1:13am) and im too tired, i'll set my alarm and do them in the morning
i'm going to be updating the first post with pics as well so its easier to see build progress
nice looks like its coming along nice so far
Installed Headlight and Turn Signals:

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Not Bad its coming along you going to have it finshed come riding season
Yeah, thats the plan.

Got my bars and vapor gauge on, starting to look like something now:

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