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Got a 2011 250r with 28k miles on it. Looks like its been crashed at least a dozen times and very poorly maintained.
It does run well however. The motor starts right up and runs well, shifts through all gears smoothly, rides nicely and has no leaks.
The guy I bought it from says it was his daily rider but that he needs a car now for his family. He couldn't remember when any of the service was last done on it.
So I was hoping I could list the things I am planning on fixing and see what you guys think I should also check that isn't on my list. Thanks!

Chain and Sprocket, The chain is totally rusty.
Coolant flush and refilled,
Oil and filter change then after like 100 miles ill replace just the oil again.
New fork seals. Looks like they've been blown out for awhile as everything on the front tire is covered in fork oil.
New front breaks.
New speedometer. Checked the cable thoroughly and seems to be the Speedo itself.
New exhaust gaskets. Smells like exhaust near front of bike.
New blinkers. It just doesn't have any...
New air filter.
New spark plugs.
New shift and break levers. Current ones are functioning but are loose and broken in half from all the wrecks.

He claims the breaks were just serviced a few weeks ago and the fluid looks really clean, so I believe him.
It has no leaks and doesn't overheat.
Any ideas what else I should be thinking about doing? Thanks for any help!
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