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1. The "better than thou", flaming, bashing, name calling, dramas, "attention whore", and egotistical attitude are NOT WELCOME HERE!

2. Be respectful and courteous toward other members, we are all adults. There's always a nice way to tell someone to "f*ck off". Please use common sense and don't intentionally try to stir something up. If you don't like someone, don't use this board as a place to vent your anger; there's something called email. The ignore feature on this forum works pretty well too.

3. Posts and threads will be locked/deleted with or without warning by the Administrators/Moderators if we feel that it is inappropriate, ie bashing, flaming, name calling, personal attacks, etc. Do not ask us to unlock/undelete. Your account can and will be deleted if you break the rules, regardless of your Upgraded/Contributor account status.

4. Try not to take things too personally. After all, this is just a messageboard on the Internet. Topics that are related to politics, religions, and money are often controversial. We rather not see them on this board.

5. Bashing, flaming, threatening another forum or forum administrator, and/or people related to the administrator, is STRICLTY prohibited here. You will be banned without warning. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU TO GO AND VENT ABOUT ANOTHER FORUM.

6. Please give other members some warning if your post contains offensive materials. Some of us, including myself, are accessing this board from work. I don't want my co-workers to look at me funny if they think I'm reading something that I'm not.

7. Moderators and administrators can do whatever they please, doesn't mean that they are also right. If you happen to disagree with a moderator, contact the person via email or PM and try to get things resolved in a civilized manner. DO NOT INTENTIONALLY INSTIGATE OR TEST THE ADMINS/MODS.

8. If you have a business/website and would like to advertise it here, please contact me first. Don't go and post it all over the place. We all don't appreciate being spammed.

9. Don't post URL to competing forums on here.

If you need help, don't hesitate to ask. We will try to help you if possible. If we can't, we may know someone who can.

Enjoy and don't forget to tell your friends about this site!

James Tang (Vtec44)
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