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2009 ninja 250r 5928 miles text or email 425-232-9652

Bike has sporadic carburetor issues or bad gas I don't know. One day I rode it around the neighborhood, up steep hills, and on the free way and a few days later it kept stalling and didn't have any power when I tried to take it out of the garage. I tried to take it out on the following weekend and I didn't have any problems with it.

I do not have the time or money to tinker with re jetting the carbs. My price takes into consideration the fact that the carbs need adjustment or rebuilt I don't know. Know that you may need to pick up the motorcycle with a truck to get it home. The bike starts up with no problems, revs to the moon, and has no other mechanical issues but when I put it in gear to ride it loses power and stalls. the bike is scratched up on the sides from being down at low speeds.

PRICE- $2400

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