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2007 Lives Again!!

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After several attempts to get my carbs right, I finally got them sorted out. The bike runs great and starts right up.

So the story behind this bike. My ex-wife bought it brand new in 2007 and after 30 minutes she decided she didn't want to learn to ride. I rode the bike from the dealership to our house, 52 miles. I kept the bike stored all this time. Being military, the bike was shipped to Germany and drug around during two other moves. I made several attempts at cleaning he carbs, but never got it right. Until now!! One of the pilot jets was clogged and causing all my issues. But the fuel petcock is leaking and now I have to fix that. Really looking forward to getting the bike road worthy again. Especially with only 55.7 miles on the clock.

Future plans are to strip the fairings and go for a streetfighter or cafe racer theme.
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