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2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250r Cooling Problems

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i live in the great state of Florida, recently i saw that my bike was getting really hot at stop and go on the streets. getting close to the red zone. I emptied the coolant out which has been there since the start 3500 miles in. and put 50/50 Preston coolant in. I still am having the same issues, now i am thinking about going to 100% water and Hyper Lube Super coolant mix, any suggestions?

Also anyone know the capacity of my radiator? i cant find my manual
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Hey what's up man I'm not sure if anybody has commented but first it's prolly not a good idea to put just water. The antifreeze helps in the cold and heat. Second have u checked to see of ur fan is working behind the radiator? That's prolly not kicking on or ur temp sensor is nor turning it on have u found the solution to ur problem ?
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