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Its been a while since i've been on here but i know many of you have seen my cafefighter build log. Well, i'm selling off all the things that i removed from the bike. Its all in very good if not perfect condition.

Again, this is a 2005 Ninja 250. thank you.

Prices are all + shipping and obo. I need to sell this stuff soon so please make me an offer on anything. Deals will be made.

mirrors: $40 (note: lense not chipped, its reflecting something on the ceiling)

gauges: $35 (note: one of the mounting tabs on the back is broken but it is still usable)

headlight with bracket: $60

taillight: $50

cant remember where these go lol: sold!!

black windscreen: sold!!

rear sides: sold!!

rear turn signals: $10

bracket probably goes to dash somewhere

chain guard: $15

tail section: sold!!

2 rear tie down hooks: $15 or free with purchase of tail section (other 2 are lost)

handlebar mounts and endcaps: $35

one handlebar: $10 (other one is bent)

lower cowl: sold!!

upper cowl: sold!! (no cracks, scuffs, or scratches)

i also have the front fender, but i was too stupid to take a picture of it.

random hardware: if you see anything you need let me know. if you buy more then one or two things at once i'll throw it all in for free.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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