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  1. Introduction
    Greetings programs! I just bought a barely working 2004 EX250 Ninja. She was used and abused. Plastics are trash and most of it was painted in rattle can. Stripping her for a cafe/street fight build. I would have gone full oem restore but the logistics of that...woosh. I wanna keep her...
  2. Introduction
    Hello! I'm Dillon and I just bought my first 250 sport bike. I grew up on dirt bikes but haven't ridden anything in some time. I have been looking to get back into riding and take it to the pavement this time. I came across this 2008 ninja 250 the other day for $500. So now I'm back into riding...
  3. Introduction
    Hey all...i have been riding for a while and sold out for a bit...traded my way into thebRed Ryder. I have been on other bike forums with the same username so few may already know me...im a tinkerer so ill be doing mods and probably doing writeups if i dont find one for what im doing....
1-3 of 3 Results