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    Read more about the Top 10 Things That Go Wrong On Group Rides at Motorcycle.com.
  2. Technical
    I have a ninja 25O 2012,So here is the problem , at first it started normaly and after second gear or so the rpm meter neddle go up and down like crazy but the engine does not change or sound harder, then i notice that when i move on the bike the neddle moves too , when i break and so . And not...
  3. Technical
    Bought a 2009 ninja with 1200 miles. Guy had it tuned and oil changed in fall, but did not ride it. Stored in garage. I had to take it home with choke on. Replaced the battery so it starts, but dies when you give it throttle. Unless you let it warm up, then you can rev the throttle. If you...
1-3 of 3 Results