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  1. Technical
    09 ninja 250 ... I have some wires I do not know what or where they go . Please tell me if it is a switch or what
  2. Technical
    ok guys this is a little different, I am in the process of wiring my 250r motor on a go cart. could ya'll help? 1. color of the wire that goes to radiator. 2 color of the wire that goes to thermostat. and what plug that goes to starter button. and not sure which line is the gas line small...
  3. The New Ninja 250
    So this is my first bike. Its a 2012 250R kawasaki ninja. Im very short so i had the bike lowered, and almost a year later the tire has eaten away most of the plastic peice that keeps the wires protected. The wires have been moved but now the tire continues rubbing the top plastic peice and has...
  4. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Selling a ninja 300 wiring harness/computer Use it to convert your 250 to EFI sold my 250 just looking to get back what I have into it $50 shipped
  5. Technical
    On my 2007 ninja 250 the turn signal bulb is out. I replaced the bulb and even switched it with the other side (front turn signal) and still won't work. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem that might narrow down the troubleshooting.
  6. Technical
    I got it done today so please delete this thread. Thanks guys Hey guys today i got my bike home and got her going, done the oil change and oil filter last week. So i fnally get her going cuz its freezing here in canada but i read online here i think that this bike iust struggles in the cold...
  7. Technical
    Hello to all! I installed a 2006 250 Kawasaki Engine to a Go Kart and I'm having problems with the wiring. I took the original wiring and remove the wires i wasn't going to use and made a custom one. Here's the OEM diagram and the one that I made. I will aprecciate any help. Thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results