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    Many riders living in a relatively mild climate choose not to winterize their bikes and switch to cars or trucks for the off-season. They prefer to continue riding even when the temperature drops below 30 degrees and lower. To stay safe and comfortable when riding in cold-weather conditions, we...
    Some riders prefer the brave the cold and continue riding the motorcycle in winter rather than park it for the off-season and drive a car or truck instead. But riding in cold weather without proper protection is not only unpleasant but also unsafe. Due to cold, your body limits the circulation...
  3. Technical
    I bought this 2008 Ninja 250r last Fall and left it in my garage over the winter. I live in Canada so it gets pretty cold - in January I went to take a look at it and noticed a puddle of oil below the bike but it had not leaked a drop throughout October when I was riding it often. Now I am...
  4. News
    Read more about the Waterproof Winter Jackets/Pants/Suits Buyer’s Guide at Motorcycle.com.
  5. News
    Read more about the Waterproof Winter Boots Buyer’s Guide at Motorcycle.com.
  6. News
    Read more about the Waterproof Winter Gloves Buyer’s Guide at Motorcycle.com.
  7. General
    Just checking to see what other forum members are planning to do with or to their "little Ninja's" this winter? I'm planning a total rebuild of mine I picked up a 2000 for $600 off of Craigslist this last summer but didn't have time to tinker with it at all.I'm having rotator cuff surgery in a...
  8. Introduction
    Just got a 250r. lookin to make friends find other riders. Going to fullsail for DAD get at me :ohyaaa
  9. Technical
    Just purchased a 09 ninja 250r, with 9000 km's on the dial. When i purchased it today, the owner had it sitting for the winter and took it out about a month ago and rode it for a week. It hadnt been started since. After starting it in front of me for the first time, it started up just fine...
  10. General
    Hello, I am a new member here and I really want to get my first bike (250R) but winter is coming and there will be snow where I live. I know the danger of winter biking but I can't wait til the spring to get it. All I will do with the bike in the winter is just practicing throttle, clutch...
  11. The New Ninja 250
    Gentlemen, I am very new to owning my motorcycle (2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R) and I fear that I did not winterize the bike properly (or at all) this past winter. I put it in the garage where it sat relatively untouched for 3 to 4 months. Now it is getting warm and I'd like to ride the bike...
1-11 of 13 Results