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  1. The New Ninja 250
    Im a new rider have maybe 100 miles under my belt I had a rough ride with the wind gusts tonight also feel like when I'm in 6th my 250 won't go much faster than 60 mph. Any tips Sent from my ADR6400L using Motorcycle.com Free App
  2. New Riders
    I'm still new I know, so I hope this don't sound too retarted. So today I was going to ride my bike to another town. It's about a 25 mile trip. Nice day. Checked the weather. The forecast for wind was 10-15 mph with possible gusts up to 25-30 at times. So I tell myself I'm never going to get...
  3. New Riders
    I was out riding today and the wind really bothered me. It was not a very windy day I guess the gust were the issue because I wasn’t going that fast. Sometimes as little as 45mph.I was on the hwy going across a bridge at the lake and was going 50 give or take a few and I was really paranoid that...
1-3 of 3 Results