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  1. New Riders
    So, for 500$, I bought a 97 250 that has been dropped a bit...the front fairing is borked as is the left side fairing and the rear cowl light assembly. Was I completely stupid? Was it a waste of 500$? Am I screwed as far as finding a front fairing for this thing?
  2. Introduction
    Hey guys, my wife had her 250r for a year now and I just picked up a new 300 from the dealership on Saturday .. We are here in the bay area California 20 mins south of San Francisco, we both love to ride.. Just wanted to say hi to everyone...cheers
  3. Introduction
    The wife is brand new to riding. That's cool because I only started riding a few months before that. Thing is, I bought the KLX250S. Stock, its more than tame so, first thing I did was toss the airbox lid, re-jet, and bolted on a full FMF exhaust. Now its a different animal. I want to do the...
1-3 of 3 Results