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  1. Technical
    Have an 09 ninja 250 aout a month ago the bike was acting real funky. It would start up then after driving it for a few minutes it would die and then completely not start. I shook the bike to slosh the gas around and it magically would cut off. I drove it hard to a day and put new gas in it and...
  2. The New Ninja 250
    I've got an 08 250r with about 8k on it. I've noticed lately that when decelerating there is this metal on metal noise (not brake related)... From my riding position it sounds like its coming from the front end, but who knows it might be from the engine. When I pull in the clutch it stops...
  3. Off Topic
    I can hear my neighbor's having sex is it weird to be turn on? Lol Sent from Motorcycle.com App
  4. Technical
    Hello All, This is my first time to 250r.net I have had my 07 ninja since october and havent had this problem since last month, could find any exact matches. Only in first gear, and fast acceleration the clutch area sounds like a bolt or loose peice of metal is rattling around. As soon as...
  5. Classic Ninja 250
    Ok so I recently picked up my first bike for a great deal. It's a 04 250 and I knew he had the bike sitting for too log and the carbs needed work. First thing I did after I got it was a maintence check. I changed oil, oil filter, spark plugs (NGK of course!), cleaned air filter, cleaned carbs...
  6. Technical
    Does anyone experience a high-pitched squeal when the tank builds pressure? (full or empty) I can park when it's cool in the morning, and as the air temp. rises, it starts to make noise. (even in the garage when it's warm) Not really a "problem", just annoying.:udontsay
1-6 of 6 Results