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  1. Modifications
    just finished the install on the undertail. i did it without cutting anything it all lined up pretty well. i put some photos up on photo bucket. my only beef with the tail is from what i can tell if the l.e.d lights go bad theres no way to replace em same goes for the license plate light. looks...
  2. Modifications
    There was a rumor that Hotbodies was making an undertail for the bike months ago. I have the pleasure of informing the public that the rumors are very true and the tails are now available! Don't expect it to be up on the website anytime soon. It took them a month to have the exhaust on the site...
  3. Buy / Sell / Trade
    hotbodies has a undertail for sale now for the 250r and they are about $200.
  4. Modifications
    Do any of yall know where i can find a underexhuast? i have been searchin the net and cant find any. Im thinkin ill just have to weld up a custom setup and ill end up using either two bros or yoshi slip on. im just gettin my list of parts to pick up so not in an rush at all but any...
1-4 of 4 Results