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  1. Classic Ninja 250
    Hi to all fellow "Saki"ers. I need a vets advice. It's the much loved no spark issue. Here we go. On my 2007 250 Ninja I put the key in and turn to on pos. Neutral light is on also the oil light. The engine turns over but no spark. First I checked the resistance on the coils and found them no...
  2. North East
    I was at the dmv today to register the bike and took the permit test and passed with flying colors due to like 3 motorcycle question, rest just logic. Well i have a driving test soon to come and was hearing stories about the NJ test is hard due to it mostly being in idle and turning. Anyone do...
  3. Classic Ninja 250
    While Im waiting for the paint on my gas tank to cure (3 more days) I want to know if/how I could do a test start without it, ive seen it done. Do i just need a funnel and a tube and hook it up to the gas lead on my carbs? please help. thanks for your time! Sent from my Motorcycle iPad app
  4. Technical
    Any body knows how to test the stator? Voltage output? Coil resistance?
  5. General
    I have an appt. Schedule for 1/2/09 at the DMV for my behind the wheel test.Can anyone give me some pointers re: the test.Circle, Cones ect...:biggrin2 Thanks...
1-5 of 10 Results