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  1. General
    Hi guys, new to the site. My name is Zach. New rider, just purchased a used 2006 ninja 250. The bike shifts relatively smoothly, but the clutch doesn't engage until it is 3/4 the way let out. I heard this means I will need a new clutch soon, is this correct?
  2. Technical
    In my Thermodynamics class, I was assigned a project to model a 4 stroke engine as an ideal Otto cycle. I chose to model the EX250J's engine since I have a 2009 Ninja 250R. I was hoping the people of this forum are able to assist me with this project. Some information I already know are the...
  3. Technical
    Hi, I'm new to motorcycles and have never before taken an interest in the technical side of bikes before. I'm very interested though in learning more about the Ninja 250. Does anyone know of a manual or site that goes over these details? Thanks for your time. Regards
1-3 of 3 Results