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  1. The New Ninja 250
    I CANNOT for the life of me find what the length of the OEM 08+ dog bones/links is. I have searched everywhere. I feel like my bike sits very low in the rear, and it looks like the current dog bones are aftermarket seeing as there are three holes for adjustable height. Im trying to see if OEM...
  2. News
    Suspension Buyer’s Guide Read more about the Suspension Buyer’s Guide at Motorcycle.com.
  3. Modifications
    Does anyone have any recommendations for a 165 lbs rider on a 09
  4. Technical
    So I went to my first track day at Streets of Willow today. (Thanks Freakdawg for the trailer). I've been getting some odd tire wear on the front. Dave with Catalyst Reaction Suspension Tuning was there and I had him check out my bike. Apparently the front suspension is too mushy. Since there is...
1-4 of 5 Results