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    If you just bought your first bike, and even if you have been riding for years, you might be interested in watching a video guide on how to choose the perfect helmet that would sit on your head comfortably and fit your riding style best. Our in-house tech and gear expert Greg created this clip...
  2. Modifications
    I’m turning my 2007 ninja 250 into a brat style motorcycle. I picked it up with the Titles and 1,600 for $100. Not running of course but for $100 I took my chances and picked it up! The other picture is the style I’m going for. I’m going to be doing a video build serious on my YouTube channel ...
  3. General
    Here is a quick video of the new mods I've done so far.Hope you like.:woot Props to the 250R & kawi forums for some good info. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kypGsxe148k
  4. General
    I'm trying to figure out what my riding style is. What does the question even mean? commuter, canyons, track, long haul? I don't know maybe I'm being dumb. please enlighten me. (context: I'm ordering a shock and theyre asking my riding style)
1-4 of 4 Results