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  1. Introduction
    Hey my name is Grimm and I’m a tattoo artist and I just came up on a 2000 Kawasaki Ninja 250 for free from one of my coworkers. He says the engine is good but something is up with the wiring and it’s not getting spark. I have very very basic knowledge of engines and bikes, although I’ve always...
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hey all, after customizing and learning to ride on this girl it's time to pass her on to the next lucky beginner. I'm in Los Angeles, CA. Check the full listing here: 2006 Ninja 250r Streetfigher Naked Bike 2754 Miles!
  3. Modifications
    well heres some pics of my 250 i just finished up still needs a few things. before after
  4. Modifications
    I bought my first running bike that I can ride. Only thing is the plastic is cracked and busted. I've seen streetfighter kits on eBay for under 100 bucks. The thing is they are not dot approved. But the one I'm wanting has LEDs made on to it that can be used as turnin signals, which I do not...
  5. Modifications
    I got a good deal on a Trail Tech Vapor speedo/tach and it's accompanying indicator light surround, and found that the rubber pregen indicator lamp sockets are very similar to Trail Tech's sockets, and that they plug right into the Trail Tech surround, so the intallation went very quickly. I...
  6. Classic Ninja 250
    first off, im on a tight budget for this bike so im trying to make it all work for as little money as possible ill keep a list of my expenses as well to see how much it comes out to be bike: 900 rear tire: 60 chain: 100 speedometer: 20 headlight: 20 assorted maintanance: 30 total:1130 so far...
  7. Modifications
    I have been tring to find any info on aftermarket or custom instrument panel for a 02 ninja 250r. The stock mount is damaged as well as the white back plate that the meters are hooked to. So I was hoping to find some cheep gauge cups and mount but everything I found is very expensive. Has anyone...
  8. Modifications
    So because of my recent accident (stupid deer) and severe damage to the plastics, i think im gonna convert my ninja into a streetfighter/cafe racer. i havent really seen any examples of a new generationone, but i think it might look good. All i want to focus on is the front end. I will...
1-8 of 8 Results