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  1. Technical
    [I] NEED A CDi CONTROLLER FOR MY Ninja 250 the factory module cost 468.00 and i heard aftermarket is better but i cant find anyone who sells them. my bike only has 600 miles on it and my tachometer just stop working and all posts lead me to replacing this controller. Is this the primary cause...
  2. Technical
    Hi! I just bought a 2002 Ninja250R. 18,000 miles. (my first bike!) Ran TOTALLY fine when I got it. After I put around 20 miles on it, it started acting funny. Basically, its come down to this: When I try to start it, I hear a pinging/knocking noise. It used to start, but the noise would go away...
  3. Technical
    Hi all, I recently did valve clearance adjustment. I kept 0.12mm - intake and 0.15mm for exhaust. Also done CAM timing as per manual (@ TDC #2, EX mark and IN mark was lined up to the edge of engine top cover and the chain link counted from EX mark to IN mark were 33 links). Today, I was going...
1-3 of 3 Results