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  1. Modifications
    I want to do this to my ninja Sent from my SGH-T999 using Motorcycle.com Free App
  2. New Riders
    Hey everyone, So I'm new to riding and I have my heart set on a 250r. I live and work in California but there is this deal in Vegas where my dad lives, he will be storing the bike, but my prob is Cali has stupid emmission laws. My question is are all 250r's 50 state legal? The bike is a 2010...
  3. North East
    Too long to repost here. Please see the attached link for my rain-soaked run on my '05 EX250: http://blackjoe.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=205748#205748
  4. Off Topic
    Virginia isn't in the regional forum.
  5. Introduction
    Hi all.... Well my 09 is my first bike... 2nd scooter.. LOL I'm almost 37 and finally learned how to shift. YAY!!! Everyone in my family has owned bikes most of my life, but for some reason, no one has had the courage or patience to teach me to shift... SO... I bought an 09 after missing out on...
1-5 of 5 Results