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  1. Introduction
    A year ago my dad upgraded to a 2007 ninja 500. I ended up with his 2007 250r. I rode that to and from work from april to mid august for about 3000 miles (now with almost 22k) at which point I bought a new to me 2013 vstrom 650 which I've been almost exclusively riding. I'm trying to figure...
  2. Maintenance
    I recently bought my first bike on craigslist as a project bike. It was sitting outside on the street for a year, so I emptied the tank, put on new plugs and got new fuel in it. It turned over, but won't start unless you spray a bit of starter fluid in the intake. After it got warmed up for a...
  3. Technical
    So this will probably end of in a large wall of text so please bear with me. About a month ago I got my 2009 Ninja 250R out from storage and brought it down to my university which is about a 3 hour ride. Everything went fine and she started right up after I got her out of storage. Well that...
  4. Technical
    I have a Ninja 250R. Today, I rode my bike for about 20 miles and it was completely fine. I then washed the bike and drove for three miles. I turned the bike off and left it alone for 15 minutes. When I turned the key it would not start. The battery had power, yet it would not turn over, only...
  5. Technical
    So this has two issues, I'll break them up: 1) Over the past few months, my 2008 250r has been sitting in the garage. When I returned to it last week, the bike unsurprisingly had issues starting. When the starter button is pushed, the motorcycle cranks but doesn't actually start. So for good...
  6. Modifications
    i have trouble when starting i push it clicks and there is a spinning sound comming from around the starter area,like its spinning but not doing anything but them other times it will start i check wires for rust but seems ok,so thinking it's the starter sticking
  7. Technical
    So I am replacing the starter on my bike. Do I have to get the gear cover off, and remove the idler gear, to access the old starter, remove, and putting the new one in? -Joseph
1-7 of 7 Results