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  1. Technical
    Have an 09 ninja 250 aout a month ago the bike was acting real funky. It would start up then after driving it for a few minutes it would die and then completely not start. I shook the bike to slosh the gas around and it magically would cut off. I drove it hard to a day and put new gas in it and...
  2. South West
    Please come and check out our new 250cc Motorcycle club. Been running the Phoenix Scooter Club for about 4 years and finally added a motorcycle. See there really is no good place for the smaller cc's, so let's get together! http://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-250cc-Motorcycle-Meetup/ Glen G., Organizer
  3. New Riders
    Does every biker upgrade if they started at a 250cc? I am getting into biking and was planning on getting a 250cc sport bike and doing some sick mods because I was thinking of staying at a 250cc. But before I do that I was just wondering if any bikers stay at their 250 sport bike or does every...
  4. Introduction
    Hello all, I am purchasing an 02 Ninja 250r probably next week. It doesn't run, and needs a couple odds and ends. I purchased this rather cheap and am looking forward to the learning experience in both the mechanical and riding sides. I have ridden bikes, but never piloted one, and I look...
  5. New Riders
    Now I have another choice of colour. Yet I am finding it really REALLY hard to choose. GOGO VOTE!
1-5 of 7 Results