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  1. General
    iv'e got an 01 ex250 and just picked up another, an 05. both bikes look identical except the 01 has a 14k red line and the 05 has a 12k red line. is there a thread giving the specs for the different years. guess i have a jones for 250's, my last bike was a wr250x, loads of fun.
  2. Technical
    Does anybody know the motor mount bolt torque specs for 09 250R. Just got my frame sliders installed but I don't have the specs. Figure that's a pretty important set of bolts to get the torque spec right. :biggrin2 Also, I just got my LED taillight with integrated blinkers. But I can't get...
  3. The New Ninja 250
    The spark plugs can be removed through the sides, behind the side fairings. You do not need to remove the gas tank to get to them on the 2008+ Ninja 250R's. You can either use the 16mm plug wrench, or the wrench that in the included tool kit (16mm, part #92110-0044). Wrench size: 16mm (part...
  4. Maintenance
    Oil type: API SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ or SL with JASO MA. Viscosity : SAE 10W-40 Capacity: 1.4 qt, or 1.7qt when filter is also replaced. Oil drain bolt: 14.5lb-ft Oil filter mounting bolt: 14.5lb-ft Oil screen mounting bolts: 7.25lb-ft (87lb-in) Frequency: According to the service manual, it's...
1-4 of 4 Results