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  1. Introduction
    Greetings earthlings: Here is your requested self-introduction: The name is Ian. As a relapsed moto junkie, since 2005 I have managed to accumulate way too many bikes and parts in my garage. Current runners include a KLR650, a 1980 Suzuki GS450S, a 1978 Puch/Kromag Pinto moped, and a 1965...
  2. Introduction
    Yo, folks. I'm not big on forums because for the most part their members are full of ish. However, I'm bored and what else do you do with fast bandwidth and a hot computer? I'm Tom, or TwistedTom here on this 250"r" forum. No, I'm not new to riding, a NooB, some squid, or whatever else. And by...
  3. Introduction
    Hey guys! 28 year old married guy here finally getting around to buying a bike. I think that two wheels and an engine is probably encoded into our dna on some level and mine finally kicked in... its time. So here I am reading everything I can get my hands while I shop for my first bike. I'm...
  4. Introduction
    Hey, folks. I finished the MSF last Wednesday and bought a Ninja 250R on Friday, 04/22/11. I've been enjoying it so far. The fuel efficiency is awesome, and it seems like a quick bike... Maybe because I've never owned a bike before this one. :noteeth I've got pics, so though I'm sure you guys...
  5. Pacific
    Hi everyone from the SoCal area. Other than Bert's Mega Mall at Covina, where else can I find riders' gears??!?!?!?! I want to try out stuff to make sure they fit before purchasing (in the store, or go back online). Thank you!!
  6. Pacific
    You heard it! Where do you live? What canyons do you frequent? What canyons do you want to try? :biker
  7. Introduction
    Just got a red 09 250R.Lovin this baby.Great forum lots of good info.Glad to be a part of it !!!!!!:righton
  8. Introduction
    I've been riding for a little over a month. Passed the MSF BRC and have my M1. My commute is now enjoyable. I love my 250R. It's a great starter bike! I hope to contribute to this forum!:ohyaaa
1-8 of 8 Results