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  1. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hi 250R - $200 plus shipping or local pickup in NYC. Thanks! Dave
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
    It came off of 2009 model. Asking $200 for used slip on and 65 for jet kit which is brand new. PM me email for pics. Prefer local pick up in sacramento, or buyer pays shipping.
  3. The New Ninja 250
    So I'm about as green as it gets to motorcycles. I just purchased my first bike a few days ago, a 09 Ninja 250. The thing is it came with a mgp growler slip on and in my opinion it's excessively loud. The previous own no longer had the stock exhaust. Is there anything I can do besides buying a...
  4. Modifications
    Hello all, I am doing this for those of us that are not able to spend 300-500 on exhaust. I have only been riding a very short time and wasn't able to find many reviews on this brand of exhaust. The reviews I have read didn't often review the exhaust every "x" amount of miles. So, I...
  5. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hi guys, it's in very good condition. Some scratches on back of it, not visible when installed. Also some very light scratches on one of the rivets on the front. Buyer pays shipping, $200+ shipping fees. Local pick up ok. Pics can be seen here...
  6. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hotbodies MGP Growler 08-12 250R slip on muffler SOLD sold
  7. General
    I was wondering of anyone had a slip on for sale or were I can get one. It's for a 1999 ninja 260.
  8. Modifications
    Does anyone a slip on for a 1999 250 ninja?? That they are selling? Or have?
  9. General
    .....sup all......is thre a slip on muffler that has a slight rumble and sheds the weight of the stock one ? .....not looking for loud just a nice note with the slight increase in performance as well.....even if i have to rejet.......thanks in advance and keep 2 wheels up
  10. Technical
    When I pull my throttle back to give it gas it doesnt snap back to close after I release, just wondering if its a quick fix for me. Also under my seat on the gas tank itself is a little nozzle that doesn't have anything connected to it so I'm wondering what that is for and if I need a hose on...
  11. General
    Bike slipped in the soft grass while negotiating a sharp turn. It took more than 10 minutes to hoist it back to normal. Now it is not starting only cranking! How can I fix it? What could be the problem?
  12. Modifications
    Yoshimura or Two brothers???
  13. The New Ninja 250
    I was wondering what is the best slip on exhaust for performence enhancment. sound is nice but i want to get a bigger kick while riding and i wanna know the best slip on to help with that.
  14. The New Ninja 250
    Does anyone know how the delkevic slip on exhaust are? They're pretty cheap and im considering getting one. Sent from my MB855 using Motorcycle.com Free App
  15. Modifications
    Bought a 2012 ninja about a month ago and i've been trying to find an after market slip on that sounds great and won't cost me an arm and a leg. I came across the MGP growler for a little over 300 shipped from hot bodies. They claim that you can just bolt it on and go, no rejetting. I'd prefer...
  16. Modifications
    I have heard good things about Musarri exhaust's and they seem to be pretty reasonably priced. Just kinda looking for a good direction to head in to get the best sound out of the ninja. Thoughts?
  17. Modifications
    Hello. I am new to riding and just picked up an 08 250r, was looking for a slip on exhaust that won't break the bank, came across the musarri slip on on eBay, in the description it also said no additional tuning required. Does this include rejetting? As I am new to this sort of thing I didn't...
  18. Technical
    Hey guys right now i have a 2006 ex250 and im looking to get a newer one because these older models take forever to warmup, living in canada my season is already short but also i cant ride long cuz the bike is so bad in the cold. Also im a student so insurance on a bigger bike doesnt look so...
  19. Modifications
    Sorry if this has been asked before or if this is in the wrong section of the forums. Well, I recently purchased a Devil Shotgun slip on exhaust from eBay for my Ninja 250R. I was trying to do something with it and broke up the clamp. Just trying to find a replacement, but have no success. I...
1-19 of 21 Results